Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is designed to provide budgeting, savings, credit, and banking information to households.

Credit Repair/SmartMONEY
Eight 12-16 hour SmartMONEY workshops are conducted annually. Open to the public and free of charge to participants, the SmartMONEY workshop will help to gain the knowledge and skills to master money management.

Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program
The FSS Program is a voluntary program to encourage Housing Choice Voucher (formerly Section 8) participants to become economically independent and self-sufficient. The goal is for participants to move from rental assistance to homeownership.

Financial Opportunity Center (FOC)
The Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) is established in partnership with Mott Community College and Career Alliance to ensure that families reach their educational, financial, and asset goals. We provide customized financial coaching helping participants reach target goals, including acceptable credit and debt thresholds, credit scores, savings, utilization of high quality financial services, and asset development.

Genesee Area Investment Network/Individual Development Account (GAIN$/IDA) Program
The GAIN$ IDA program is a 2:1 matched savings account helping people with modest means to save towards the purchase of a lifelong asset while creating a foundation of savings and money management within the household. Once the participant reaches $1,000 in savings, they receive $2,000 to put towards the down payment of a home, starting or expanding a small business, or tuition for post-secondary education.